Tuesday, February 28, 2017

on soul mate

sometimes I think Plato other half thing is true. the story about how humans were actually joined together but split up then we spend our life looking for the other half. it gives lots of meaning to life when we try to look for them by meeting new people and lots of try n'error. looking back the people we dated are somewhat similar yet different. perhaps we already knew who we are looking for but we just can't remember..

Saturday, February 25, 2017

District 10 @ UE Square // Cheese wheel pasta

few months ago cheese wheel pasta appeared on my IG feed, after a few months I decided to google where it is. met Alex and catch up over lunch there, shared tons of laughter, had a good time people watching and asked him to test the camera I got - RX100 M4. didn't do M5 coz 24fps was obviously overkill, not like I'm taking lighting; just photos for holiday next month. we chatted about possible reasons why it took so long for female community to be strong/ heard, figured that jealousy and the lack of unity amount some woman might be the cause. you see, when a few girls are together and the same girl constantly being praised for having a pretty face will soon be outcast/ be disliked by the others. some girls enjoy telling the opposite gender what another girl has done wrong to make herself look good. while guys have brotherhood, girls rarely have it. we ought to protect each other and be nice or at least cordial instead of constantly trying to belittle another when given a chance. 

sweet potato fries

mushroom soup

crispy goose leg confit

 didn't know how to mute the background noise, please lower your volume/ mute.

Homemade Tagliatelle with Alba Black Hair Truffle
perhaps I ordered the wrong dish, it was good but didn't feel enough, like something was missing. a lack of dept. 

lava choco cake

Thursday, February 23, 2017

London: Coopa Club x 1 step peking duck eating

previous trip w/ love we found a cafe giving 1st 100 customer free croissant daily, how can I not go there when I'm back again! of coz I had to miss it and ended up w/ not a single croissant left for sale even. had a good quiet time reading and taking photos of myself reading before heading out for duck lunch and lots of laughter. waited 3 hours for a table of 6 at Coppa Club's igloo tent on the 2nd day. it was purely for photo sake coz the food we had weren't worth the queue.

s u n n y dayyy

espresso martini

Coopa Club

Monday, February 20, 2017

Valentine's Day: Act 1

And so.. 
it was work on Valentine's Day then celebration on the 15th when the streets are empty coz everybody dined out the night before so we had clear traffic and peace on the road, still a fully booked Morton's. Thank you for planning and buying me flowers, yes he won't be reading but I gonna say it still. 

it was all a surprised till Google Maps gave it away. 
enjoyed the time together chatting and sharing. to more Valentine's and happy days together x

crab cake
 thought I made a wrong choice ordering salmon in Morton's.


chocolate cake

what's for dessert? chocolate cake. what is good? chocolate cake. what would you recommend? chocolate cake. okay, chocolate cake it shall be.

thank you you

Sunday, January 22, 2017

River Safari

woke up one morning and love told me "let's go to river safari" so he booked tickets online and there we went in late afternoon coz I fell back asleep after asking if NTUC has better discount or online. wish i was less lazy and took more photos coz i can't find many proper photos/ videos to share. they had beautiful water rides showing animals from the zoo and nature reserve around it. my fave was seeing the jaguar walking towards our river quest ride which we didn't get to capture. felt like a kid anticipating our boat taking a dip and splashing water.