Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Holiday confessions

1 single worst decision one can ever make on a holiday is not putting on make-up. A beautiful selfie of yourself getting lost is better than none.
2nd being not making effort to take scenic photos. Lastly, packing crappy clothes in the name of packing light, sunglasses included. shoes too. not forgetting that hair. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

HKG: Victoria Peak

always find hong kong mysterious and filled w/ so much to be discovered. a city of old and modern. it never fail to make me happy. went to VP and had a great time trying to fight the Sun to open our eyes for photos. took a funicular down the peak after ice-cream at Haagen-dazs which I recently learnt that the 2 dots on the a means nothing more than just for the beauty of it. 

Hong Kong's Victoria Peak.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

SG Airshow'16

Korean Food Made Simple has been my favorite channel since I came back from Jakarta. They teach, like the title says, Korean food that's really easy to make, e.g kimchi stew. felt so motivated to cook after watching it that it's playing at the background while I'm typing. 

Went for the Airshow in February w/ love. It was a beautiful day filled with families and couples taking selfies while I was busy replenishing sunblock often enough for it to be caught on candid. Saw lots of aircraft and their aero display was nothing short of awesome though we missed a large part of it from queuing for shuttle bus there, we caught glimpse of it on the ride. taking photos was a challenge but i thought we did relatively well. 'd love to go for '17's airshow if there's one. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016


21 hours and 2 flights, we arrived in Lisbon, Portugal.

thank goodness for tour agencies like EU holidays who settles everything for you and love for being such a dear while I basically did nothing except saying yes, no, I don't know and I want. we were blessed w/ good weather and really nice people, trip was amazing! Learnt about history of the 2 places which by now I can't remember, enjoyed the food and was introduced to a fruity drink call sangria. Ate the original Portuguese egg tart. Drank port. Visited the western end of Europe with wind so strong I wished I had brought an untangling brush along. Oh! the tour manager, Jia Fu, was so responsible and helpful I'd love for my folks to join tours he is taking.


fortress at background

Praca do Comercio 

Cabo de roca

Bus ride all day err day

wine from chocolate cups

Monday, March 21, 2016

24th's family photo

Over the years I developed a habit of taking family photo during my birthday. \

Celebrated a week earlier before leaving for holiday.

"another year older, another year wiser." thank you for the lessons I've learnt and good luck I've received xx