Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I love you II

it'll be good day always if we choose not to be lazy.
while i told myself to live w/ no regrets - don't think just do - I chose against visiting in between the 4 hours I had despite being told she was so cold that morning we nearly lost her. at dinner she was admitted. so much for saying. Thankful she's fine now.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

coffee n'cake

with a good book makes life divine. 

it feels enjoyable and fulfilling every time i read. makes me wonder when and why did i stop. I trust goodread on providing reviews before getting any books coz it haven't fail on me so far on top of that it helps me keep track of the books i've read and how many that year. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Helsinki, Finland

ever since i knew about the existence of nothern light i've been dreaming about seeing it though we didn't this trip it was still a great one. Met nice people and learnt so much about Finland like how they invest in reindeer instead of property coz it's so valuable tho' there's more of the former. the whole trip was about keeping warm coz i could barely feel my toes after sunset. had so much fun riding a snowmobile over a frozen lake and into the forest to hunt for aurora while drinking hot berry tea and eating reindeer sausage. it was truely an experience and unlike other typical city tour only thing was reindeer sausage really isn't my thing. i'll pick IKEA's over it any day. Any. 

Thankful the existence of oil coz it was a savior for arctic's lack of humidity while we ride through the forest on a husky/ reindeer sledge. got a chop for going to the arctic circle and a 2nd coz the first was a wrong date and I'm still so thrilled that I was there on my birthday. staying in a glass igloo was definitely the highlight was told never to join any tour that doesn't offer it since that's pretty much the point about going there - catching aurora in the glass igloo. went to an ice hotel for dinner and i thought i'll leave there a snowman. it was simply impossible. 8 days 6 flights, it was worth it.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

i love you

love exist not only between a girl and a boy. it exist every where in every form; family, friends, food, material, clean air and holiday etc.

every once in a while i ask myself what if I die now, what'd my regrets be? I put my thoughts on the different form love exists on. most times it'll be if i don't tell my family "i love you" it's not that the 3 words aren't powerful it's just that no love was felt from the person who says it.
there are times when i'm so caught up w/ life i tell myself it's okay, i'll visit my grandmothers another day but death is something that can happen anytime. one minute you see this person, you're talking to them the next they are gone. no matter how much you sob, wish and pray, this person will never come back alive. don't take any person or things for granted.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Montigo Resort, Batam

had a pair of free ferry ticket so we decided to stay in Montigo Resort which had a great view of Singapore. Joined a mangrove tour and went for a herbal compress massage. am a sucker for anything herbal so it was really an enjoyment. love the feeling of having a private pool although we could see next door's unicorn float but that was it. 3 days were just right. they offered many activities from water sport to yoga and massage but we wanted to enjoy the villa too so that was pretty much all we did. also, discovered that GoPro battery life is really short plus heats up very fast too. After a 30 min ride we were in another timezone, GMT+7. SGP's original GMT was +7.5, it was to remove confusion in train ride to and from M'sia that it was changed to +8.

herbal ball


buggy all day err day
didn't take the buggy as often as we thought we'd. our villa was pretty near the reception it's lesser than 5 minutes walk and it was really nice walking around the resort at night to dinner and after. the only thing was their mosquitoes were really scary. their bite being from the size of a small dot then spread to a 50 cents coin size w/ a tiny blister-esque thing in the middle. lucky thing was they provide insect repellent which I didn't use until it was too late. who knew they could be so powerful!

Tiigo Beach Club

took a walk after dinner and ended up at their beach club w/ just us 2. had a couple of drinks and lost many round of pool. love how we can chat about almost anything, it's like we're best friend.


up early for breakfast before going for a mangrove tour which we only managed to catch storks and eagles while hearing monkeys calling behind the trees coz it was too warm. still it was a very different experience unlike typical city tour of architecture and shopping.

to more holidays xo